Creation of a Better Wax

After many years of using imported wax to seal our grafts, Whitney’s Grafting joined forces with Argo Grafting to produce a grafting wax that would meet both of our needs. What we wanted was a pliable hand wax that would cover the gaps or air holes that paint cannot cover well and that many times would leave an air bubble or hole after being painted. The result of many trial mixes of many different materials is what is now called Argo-Whitneys Grafting Wax. It is by far a better material than the imported wax that we struggled to obtain in large quantities. Argo-Whitneys Grafting Wax is more pliable in colder temperatures and maintains a perfect seal if applied properly.

We recommend using Farwells Grafting Seal over the top of Argo-Whitneys Grafting Wax for a double seal and a proof positive method of making sure no air bubbles or holes are present.

Where to Buy

Many suppliers are now carrying Argo-Whitneys Grafting Wax. You can purchase the wax from Wilson Orchard Supply at (509) 453-9983 or the GS Long Company at (509) 575-8382. Quantities larger than 1 pound can be shipped to you directly.

For Suppliers

Suppliers can contact Dan Whitney to discuss being a retailer of Argo-Whitneys Grafting Wax. There is a minimum order of 5 cases.

Argo-Whitney’s Grafting Wax: A Key Ingredient for Success